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Albuquerque Journal North

“Ouellette really shows off his tremendous talent for rendering not just physical skin, but the actual, sensual feel of it. This realness is heightened by his sure painting of the body in all its mass, weight and malleability.
There is an Eric Fischl-like manner in the rendering of the human forms –- fast, almost offhand, yet perfectly correct –- and in the evocation of a scene fraught with obscure psychological tension.”

-- by Tom Collins

THE magazine

“Body demeanor and limited contextual reference suggest that the ability of the subjects to give and receive passion is limited. This might (should!) inspire an odd kind of tenderness... or not. Ouellette's frequent disinclination to articulate line and form indicates that the painter hasn't any heavy-handed intentions about what he wants the viewer to feel. A master of suggestion, he paints details that are slight and vague, yet essential, for an entire presence is insinuated in a single brow”

–- by Rinchen Lhamo

Art Papers

“The portraits are obscured yet sensitive, and recognizable in a manner somewhere between Bacon, Titian and Caravaggio. Ouellette's paintings, beautifully rendered and exquisitely ponderous, leave us with no real answers.”

– by Nikita Storm